Using Credit Responsibly

Using Credit Responsibly

There is nothing quite like the thrill of seeing your name embossed on a shiny new credit card for the very first time. You feel empowered. Like a superhero. “Plastic Man” swooping in and saving his nearest and dearest from ominous restaurant bills ... Continue Reading →
Mr Bean cheating in school

Cheating in Exams Sciences and Law Students Cheat the Most

According to a study by a professor at UQAM, it is in the fields of Sciences and law students cheat the most. Cheating Which students cheat the most in college? In order to combat violations of examinations scourge in Canada (one out 2 students admits that they ... Continue Reading →
Attributes Recruiters Look For in an Interview

8 Attributes Recruiters Look For in an Interview

Nobody knows what employers want more than the recruiters. When they review resumes and interview candidates, recruiters understand the needs of the company, what skills high tech companies are looking for and search for applicants that will fit in well. If you ... Continue Reading →
student blog writer

How to submit an effective guest post in 3 simple steps?

Guest posting is very common in today’s age of social media. If you remember the old times when people used to contribute their writing pieces in the newspaper publications on various topics, these topics were largely related to the newspaper itself or the current ... Continue Reading →
getting a loan

Getting A Loan Without Your Parents

Gone are the days of the weekly allowance, borrowing the minivan from Dad (while wishing he would buy something other than a minivan), and simply reaching into a fully-stocked refrigerator for a snack. Yes, you are a full-fledged adult now who must earn their own ... Continue Reading →
Essential tips to build an amazing motivational speaking career

Essential tips to build an amazing motivational speaking career

Motivational speakers use their personal life experiences to encourage people to listen to what they have to say. Generally speaking, mastering the art of speaking in front of an audience is tough. Nevertheless, if you’re fond of holding presentations and you ... Continue Reading →
Broadcast Journalist

What Does It Take To Be a Broadcast Journalist in the UAE?

The Emirati economy has been successful in transforming from an oil-reliant economy to one which is majorly driven by non-oil sectors like finance, manufacturing, real estate and education. Having witnessed a plethora of transformations in the last one decade, ... Continue Reading →
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