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How Do You Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Data Entry Job In India?

The availability of data entry jobs is increasing on a progressive basis. People who have sufficient skills in electronic data processing, typing, and word processing are looking up to this job. The concept of data entry varies from company to company, but some ... Continue Reading →
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Finding a Job Is Anything But Easy-But It Is Not Impossible

For the unemployed, the statement, ‘Why don’t you just get a job?’ can be quite insensitive. Globally, the economy has not been at its best and there are more unemployed people now than perhaps at any other time in history. It’s tough for everyone This ... Continue Reading →
African agricultural science

Furthering African Science on the World Stage

Agriculture plays a critical role in keeping the African economy alive. According to the World Bank, this activity accounts for more than 30 per cent of the continent’s total GDP. Over the past few decades, African agricultural science has been focussing ... Continue Reading →
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Test Your Motivation For Your Studies

Are you motivated by your education? A little, a lot, not at all? To make the point, do you test the “Motive meter”, a questionnaire that probes the major sources of motivation. Test your motivation for your studies Test his motivation, for what? Just ... Continue Reading →
Surviving the Shared Bathroom

Surviving the Shared Bathroom

Unless you were lucky enough to grow up with an en suite, you’re probably accustomed to sharing a bathroom. But there’s a big difference between sharing a bathroom with your family, and sharing with a group of students living without rules for the first time! ... Continue Reading →
Student Accommodation

Have You Started Looking For Student Accommodation For Next Year?

Whilst it might seem too early to be considering student accommodation for the next academic year the best accommodation tends to get taken very quickly. Getting your student accommodation booked now means that you will have a much larger choice, whereas waiting ... Continue Reading →
Obamacare 2 students

What Students Need To Know About Obamacare 2.0

It’s true. December’s one crazy month. You’ve got a whack of things to do before Christmas break and the furthest thing from your brain is health insurance. Unfortunately, President Obama and his merry band of lawmakers have made this time of ... Continue Reading →
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