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What Skills Are High-Tech Companies Looking For?

Let’s face it, everyone needs skills that are in-demand. The world of technology stands still for no one. It changes at the proverbial “blink of an eye” and the skills needed to create these changes are ever-evolving. If you hope to land the job ... Continue Reading →
Hotel industry report on careers in hotel business

Best Careers in the Hotel Industry

The hotel industry opens up multiple job opportunities for millions of candidates who are willing to make a career. Read on to know more about careers in the hotel management industry. Introduction Of late, tourism has been experiencing a boom across the globe. ... Continue Reading →
how to master college with a part time job

Should You Work Part Time While Going To College?

You did it! You’ve graduated from high school and are moving on to bigger and better things. Goodbye lumpy cafeteria gravy. Farewell cramped yellow school bus. And, phew, you’ll never have to tackle calculus again. You’ve been accepted into the ... Continue Reading →
how to go a steam career

Is A STEM Career In Your Future?

LOL, TGIF, BLT, BYOB and STEM. Modern English seems to be ushering in new acronyms at an alarming rate–making many of us feel like an out of touch POTATO. Person over thirty acting twenty-one. In case you haven’t yet encountered the biggest acronym ... Continue Reading →
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Online Law Degree: A New Road Paved the Way to Practicing in the Legal Field

There are many wonderful things that have come of the internet, and one of those is change to the landscape of education. Now more than ever, students are able to access nearly everything they need online. The internet has provided opportunity and a wealth of information ... Continue Reading →
tips for writers and students having a writer's block

How To Restore Yourself From Writers Block

Surely writing can become disappointing if your brain is exhausted out with plans. Nevertheless the most noticeably awful part comes when you sit unmoving for a more drawn out period seeing just a couple of lines on your screen. Everything continues to boggle in ... Continue Reading →
spend or save money for your college and student life

Saving Money in College: The Dos and Don’ts

When you’re paying thousands for tuition every year, spending a couple hundred for fun doesn’t seem like a lot. Poor purchases add up fast and contribute a great deal to the massive debt most students accrue. Apply these tips to make sure you aren’t digging ... Continue Reading →
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